Gotta Get Myself Connected!

With a sale under my belt, a growing pile of stock, and a sense of where I might be going with this thing, I thought I should probably think about what I wanted to do in terms of the internet.

I’d pretty much made my mind up that I wanted to document my experiences, and being a bit of an anorak I also wanted to keep records (no pun intended) of the various bits of vinyl, memorabilia, and other odds and sods that came my way. Not only that, but as I mentioned in the previous post, I wanted to make sure that I did all of this in a manner which didn’t create a whole heap of work for myself.

I decided to call up my friend and fellow South Brum resident Pete Ashton for a bit of advice. Pete is a very clever bloke, and particularly so when it comes to the internet, so I popped around for a cup of tea and a chat last week and he pointed me in the right direction. Thanks, Pete!

A WordPress blog was deemed the best way to document my activities. I have some experience with using WordPress, and so it was fairly easy to knock this site together, burn an RSS feed, create a nice looking header, and so on. So, was born, and this is the blog you are now reading

Gmail made sense for handling any enquiries and correspondence, and also allowed me to be a real entity in terms of signing up for and using other services. So, you can email me at, should you wish.

I use Twitter a lot (You can follow me @craigfots) so I knew I wanted this project to be active in that space. I figured that Twitter might be where a lot of the casual conversation takes place, and it could also be a place where people who may not have the time to read my blog posts in full might be able to keep an eye on things without exerting too much effort. If you’d like to follow this project on Twitter, and perhaps join in with the conversation, you can follow @FGTEbay.

I had a vague idea that I wanted to take, display and keep photos of the various records and other items I bought, and Pete made a brilliant suggestion here. He mentioned that another friend, and yet another South Brum resident, the illustrator and artist Ben Javens, had recently been taking Instagram photos of old and interesting record sleeves. Pete knew that I was an iPhone user, and he also knew that I wanted to keep the workload down to a minimum, so he suggested that I also use Instagram for the Frankie project.

Being fairly internet savvy I was aware of Instagram, and had even signed up for an account many moons ago, but I hadn’t really used it, so I spent a couple of hours experimenting with it and was soon sold. What I really like about it, other than the slightly retro sheen I can easily apply to my photos of old records, is the ease with which I can share photos to various other online spaces, which has achieved the desired effect of making life a whole lot easier and lessened the potential workload considerably.

Pete suggested that a Tumblr site would work very well for displaying the record sleeves, and so we decided that the Frankie Goes To Ebay Tumblr should be used solely for the purpose of being a gallery. As with WordPress I already had some experience of operating on Tumblr – I run the accidentally successful Rock & Roll Tedium from there – so I was quickly able to set that up, and thanks to Instagram I have to do very little to make the posts happen. So, if you want to have a look at the record sleeves as and when they come in, go and follow

With these various elements in place, and with a few tweaks to the various services so that cross-posting occurred more or less automatically, it made sense for me to start a page on Facebook. As with Twitter, the intention is that people will be able to keep an eye on my progress and occasionally dip their toes into the conversational waters without too much effort. In fact, and due to the way Facebook works, a simple ‘Like’ of the Frankie Goes To Ebay Facebook page will not only make us BFFs forever, but it will also keep you abreast of the posts that appear on this blog AND on the Tumblr.

So, thanks very much to Pete for the advice, and here are those internet links in digested form:





If you’d like to follow the aforementioned Ben or Pete on Twitter, here are their links:

See you on the internet!






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