Frankie Goes to Spotify

Further to the previous post about getting Frankie Goes To eBay up and running in the online world, I decided that it might be a nice idea to keep a running playlist of the records that pass through my hands. I’ve created a Spotify playlist and will add a song from each release as and when I pick them up. If you subscribe to the playlist it should automatically update with the new songs as I add them.

This project is broadly about what happens when I buy and sell records, but the reason I decided it would be an interesting and enjoyable thing to do is because of my love of music. That sounds like a fairly obvious thing to say, but it’s worth considering for a moment.

Without music the growing number of records in the inventory would just be curiously packaged bits of circular plastic and they would struggle to hold our interest. Because they are each the carrier of a different sound, and because each of those sounds might be considered to be great, bad, or just atonal shite, depending on your taste, each has the possibility to be a barrier or a gateway to new musical worlds. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why mooching through old vinyl is such an enjoyable activity – every box of abandoned vinyl is thrillingly alive with promise. Alive with  promise, or else copies of No Parlez by Paul Young. It’s a tightrope.

Anyway, by purchasing these particular items and grouping them together chronologically under the banner of this project and then using the thoroughly modern medium of Spotify to create a playlist of songs, I have engaged in a fairly random and accidental act of re-contextualisation, and through this I have discovered, for instance, that I Love Everybody by Johnny Winter sounds pretty great when it follows Don’t Rain On My Parade by Barbara Streisand.

I may or may not be the first person alive to have ever discovered this particular nugget of music scheduling but now you know about it too, which is what the pop music and the internet is all about. You’re welcome.

Here’s the Spotify link: Frankie Goes To eBay

Happy listening!


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