Getting High On My Own Supply: #1 – Don Nix “Living By The Days”

This is the first of an occasional and, if I’m being totally honest, not entirely unforeseen strand of posts that will probably pepper this blog.

Cards on the table. When a record collector and music nerd such as myself embarks on a project that involves buying lots of vinyl with the intention of heartlessly passing it on at a profit there is obviously a dangerously good chance that some of the items purchased will end up being hoovered up my ears.

This Don Nix LP was among 21 records I picked up at a car boot sale last Sunday with the intention of shifting via Frankie Goes To eBay. I’m ashamed to say that Don Nix was previously unknown to me, so I can’t claim any special ‘Spotting’ prizes here, but I was nevertheless drawn to the beautiful, matt, full-colour gatefold sleeve and the fact that it was an American pressing on the Elektra label from the early 1970s. I decided to take a punt on it and, of course, couldn’t help playing it when I got home, at which point I immediately fell in love with it.

It’s a belting, beautiful record, full of Southern stompers and Country Soul. I’m mad at myself for not knowing about this bloke before, and it’s exactly the kind of which I would have happily bought on vinyl re-issue from a label such as Light In The Attic.

This record is NOT going to eBay. It’s mine. You have a listen if you want. Here’s the Spotify link

Incidentally, the face on the cover of the LP shown above is embossed felt. They don’t make ’em like they used to.


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