Now, I wasn’t expecting this…(File Under: Flexible Business Models)

I’ve had two very interesting electronic messages in the last week or so, both of them from friends.

I should point out that these two friends of mine do not know one another. In fact, to my knowledge, each is completely unaware of the existence of the other.

Here is the first electronic message. It came from my pal Mike about a week ago.

….you get the idea. Mike’s mate is throwing out records. Mike has grabbed them for me. Isn’t Mike nice!

Here’s the 2nd electronic message. It arrived today, this time via Twitter, from my pal Nick:

What about that, eh? Nick (also a nice man) has had the very same idea as Nice Man Mike. He has grabbed a pile of records for the purpose of passing them to me and this project.

Free records. Twice in a week. Quite weird.

What this means is that I’m going to get a big pile of records from the 1940s, ’50s and ’80s, which is a lovely thing to happen, and it represents a ludicrously timely windfall given that I have less than one month to stock up for a record fair. However, and without wanting to come across like a miserable, ungrateful bastard, it should be pointed out that this sort of thing falls slightly outside of the boundaries of the project I set out on, and as such it requires a bit of thought and justification.

On the one hand, when I started this project I did not anticipate the possibility of people GIVING me records, so that eventuality was not part of my thought process when I set my ground rules. (TRANSLATION: I cannot be blamed for this). On the other hand, if I hadn’t started this project in the first place people wouldn’t be giving me records! (TRANSLATION: I deserve those records!)

Now, I’m quite clearly not going to turn down these free bits of vinyl, but I nevertheless need to incorporate them legitimately into the FGTeBay process. Here’s what I’m going to do.

1) I’m going to give Mike and Nick some money, even though they have both said they don’t want any. To make them feel better about this, it won’t be a lot of money – but it will be some money, and that’s important. By handing over a token amount per record it means I have still technically purchased them.


2) If and when I sell any of the records that Nick and Mike have so kindly ‘sold’ me at these bargain prices, I’m going to split the profit on each of the sales 50/50 with them.

This, to me, seems like a fair and logical way of not looking an unforeseen gift horse in the mouth. I hope you agree. If you don’t, please tell me what I should have done. I’m hoping to pick up both sets of records in the next few days and will be posting photos shortly afterwards.


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