Oh Shit, I’ve Become A Record Shop

I started with 50p and a Frankie Goes To Hollywood tour program just under 8 weeks ago. Now I have a pile of records that seems to be growing in quite an alarming manner. Tomorrow morning I’ll be present at The Moseley Book & Record Fair as a stallholder.

There’s no escaping the fact that I’ll be there in the hope of flogging some of this stuff on to other hopeless vinyl nerks. I’ve accidentally become a very small and disorganised record shop. How did that happen?

September was rather sedate and fun. During September I went around and purchased records, and I sold some of them, and Frankie Goes To eBay was born. It all seemed so simple.

In October things took a turn for the strange when people started to give me records, and this seemed to send me into some kind of overdrive in my search for charity and junk shop GOLD. The long and the short of it is that there are now over 250 records in my house.

I already have lots of records that I want to cherish and keep and pass on to my son one day. These Frankie Goes To eBay records are extra records. I’m stockpiling them with the intention of not falling in love with them. I don’t like to look at them too much in case they wink at me and try to be my friend.

Here’s a thing: Despite amassing this large pile of lodger vinyl, I’m somehow not out of pocket.

I just about understand how that has happened, but I want to find out more, which is kind of the point of starting this thing in the first place.

September was a shiny new idea month.October was a somewhat fortuitous stockpiling month. November will be a Nuts and Bolts Month.

In the meantime, here are some action shots of my preparation for tomorrow. My wife kindly agreed to make me some dividers to help the punters navigate their way through the stock. Meanwhile, I cleaned up and priced the vinyl.

The dogs were no help.

If you live nearby, come along to Mungbean Village tomorrow. The fair is on from 1pm-5pm in St Columbus, which is on Chantry Road (B13 8DD). I’ll be the man yelling “No haggling!”


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