It’s all gone quiet

For those of you who are following this blog / project, my apologies for the deafening silence over the last few weeks. Truth is, I’ve had a lot of work on and FGTeBay activities have had to take a back seat.

The current state of play is that there are now 176 records in the Inventory (sold and unsold), and most of these were picked up in September and October as I’ve hardly bought or sold anything in November. That amount of records from a 50p standing start is quite astonishing. I have no idea how much this would have grown by had I been able to continue at the blistering early pace I set off at. Hopefully, now that I have cleared the decks somewhat of the non-crate digging, actual work I had allowed to pile up, I can resume my 2nd hand record activities.

Here are the headlines



I carried a £60 profit into October following a great start in September. In October (and early November), the following financial Ins and Outs happened.

I spent £22.50 on yet more records
I spent £20 on my pitch at the Moseley Record Fair
I spent £28.73 on postage and eBay fees

A total of £71.23 going out. However, and including Record Fair takings, I made a total of £83.50 in sales. Meaning that FGTeBay PLC is currently £72.27 (and many, many records) in the black, which is nice.

Just a note on the Record Fair. I’m unsure whether I’ll go back as a vendor, certainly not for the time being at least. At the Record Fair in early November I made £36.50 in sales, so I covered my £20 costs and made a little on top for basically sitting on my arse and reading a book for 4 hours, but I think I would need a lot more records, and a few considerably rarer records, to make the exercise worthwhile in future. We’ll see.

So, as we head towards the deep, deep winter I have £72.27 to spend. Let’s see what it brings me.

Thanks for those who have taken an interest in this thing. Normal service (if you could call it that) will now be resumed.




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