I’m a hopelessly addicted collector of records and other music-related nonsense. I’m using this blog to document the records I pick up, where, for how much, and so on. I try to post once a month with a round up of what’s gone on, and this will also include things I’ve found online. Hopefully you’ll find it interesting.

I originally started this blog, and called it Frankie Goes To eBay, back in August 2012, because of a hare-brained scheme involving records and books that I found in charity shops. It went something like this…

I bought a Frankie Goes To Hollywood tour program for 50p in a charity shop. Shortly afterwards, I sold it on eBay for £10. I then decided that I would reinvest the £9.50 I had made to buy more records, which I would then attempt to sell. With the profits from these sales I would buy yet more records, which I would then sell…..and so on.

I kept the process going for a while, and along the way people started to give me records, which was unexpected. In the end, I had over 300 records (of varying quality), sold a few on eBay and at a record fair, and came out of the process about £70 up. Not bad.

But, eventually, I ran out of steam with the idea, life got in the way, and I went back to the normal practice of just buying records for myself. I’m still doing that, so I figured this blog might be a nice way of telling that story.

There is also Tumblr blog, where I will be posting images of the records and books I pick up, as and when I do. I think record sleeves are beautiful things, by and large, and Tumblr works well as a platform for displaying them. These photos will also appear on Instagram and Twitter.

Alongside collecting records I also spend a lot of time, online and offline, reading, talking, researching about popular music, or else shopping for or listening to music. Sometimes these things combine. I come across a lot of interesting things and I talk to a lot of interesting and clever people. Most of the time I share this stuff on social media, sometimes I don’t. It occurred to me that it might be interesting to collect some of that stuff together into a monthly digest and talk about it alongside the records I pick up, and also all of the other activities around pop music that I’m involved with. These include making music of my own, working for a couple of independent record labels, teaching undergraduate students about Music Industries at Birmingham City University, and – last but not least – researching for my PhD, which is concerned with how people listen to music. As you can probably imagine, I spend a lot of time thinking about pop music.

(By the way, when I say ‘Pop Music’, I mean what could broadly be described as ‘Popular Music’, rather than the genre ‘Pop’. I like Pop. But it’s all Pop to me.)

So, instead of using this site to document the records and books I’ve bought for the purpose of flogging, I’m now going to use it as a kind of digest and record of the things I find interesting each month about pop music, both in the on and offline world.

The reason for doing this is purely personal. I’m trying to grow a record of the things I find out, and it’s hopefully going to eventually make things easier for me. Rather than scanning through my old Twitter/Facebook/whatever feeds to find that interesting thing that either I or someone else posted, it should be here. That’s the plan, anyway.

If you happen to find any of this stuff interesting, that would be a bonus. If we end up having conversations about interesting things as a consequence of what you read here, that would also be nice.

If you want to contact me, the best way is to email me, or follow me on my ‘actual’ Twitter account. 

Thanks for reading,




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